If this then that

The Jacquard loom, invented in 1801, used a chain of punched cards to weave complex fabric pattern.  Based on a simple principle of holes in cards to determine which color thread would be used it represents the simple concept of the first computers and computing language – the ‘if this then that’ condition statement.

IFTTT.com is a web based service that lets you create ‘if this then that’ condition statements, called recipes, that can automate actions based on triggers.  The actions and triggers can be web based services (such as facebook, email, instagram) or devices connected to the Internet (the nest thermostat or that light bulb we talked about earlier). With these recipes you can easily program your light bulb to turn green when you receive an email, or turn red if the temperature goes above 28 celsius.

IFTTT is quite easy to use.  Simply sign up a free account and start creating recipes.  Recipes are grouped into categories to make it easy to find the right channels.  Channels are either web base services or devices connected to the Internet (like the like bulb).  You start by selecting the IF trigger by selecting the channel and the different triggers that channel offers.  Then you select a THAT action from a different channel.  Voila instant (well almost) connection between two unrelated channels.  It does that a few moments for triggers to process an action, but the simplicity of it all makes it appealing.


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