What exactly is the “Internet of Things”?  Is it your refrigerator telling you when you run out of milk?  Does the garage door open automatically when you get home because your car tells the door you are home?  More importantly, how will this change our lives?

The Internet of Things is important to us, because it represents a new era of technology that hasn’t quite been fully developed.  Join us on this exploration as we discover the new brave world of smarter, connected objects that strive to enhance our lifestyle.

About Hagen Kaye

Hagen Kaye has over 30 years of computer hardware and software development experience. He is a consummate computer enthusiast that enjoys building products with innovative technology whether done professionally or as a hobby. Most recent experience involves C, Objective C, Java, Linux, iOS and OSX platforms, but has dabbled in a little bit of everything.

In his spare time he likes to tinker with Atmel & ARM micro controllers, interfacing them to sensors and other interesting devices he can find at Sparkfun or Adafruit.  Recently, he’s gone mad and started connecting these things to the Internet in an attempt to discover what the Internet of Things is and how it can improve his life.

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