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A Fun & Healthy Addiction that will simplify your online life.

Need to get a site up in a hurry?  Satisfy the hunger and do more with your website - photo

albums, movies, journals, image rollovers, contact forms and a selection of more than 80

fully customizable free themes. Create a simple online gallery or go all the way with a full

featured website, or even add a shopping cart to your site. Try ShutterBug today and

experience the control and freedom everyone is talking about.

The 3 Necessities to Website Creation

When you try ShutterBug, make sure to try out all three tabs on the interface - Content, Layout, and

Preview. Build your content, add a theme and customize pages or create your own unique design, web

preview your site, and one-click, your site is off to the web. And don't forget about all of the other great

gems for displaying your images - crop, rotate and zoom in on your photos, adjust the sharpness,

brightness, contrast and saturation, add watermarks and drop shadows, create collages, custom

thumbnail sizing, link your caption text, embed links into your thumbnails, and add some alt tags if you

want...plus much, much, more than first meets the eye!

Build Your Content Quickly

ShutterBug's Content window makes adding text and photos so easy and fast, you can have a website

done in under thirty minutes or less. Drag and drop to add photos, movies, music and reorder pages and

photos quickly. Add and edit as much text for each page as you like, and add the masthead, title and

footer text. Use the Easy button for fast link insertion into page text, caption text or embed links into

photos. Create separate album pages or categorize your pages into group folders. And that's just the

beginning - ShutterBug lets you do so much more with your content!  ShutterBug gives you true power

and ease without sacrifice to flexibility and without limiting your options.  Learn more

Eye Catching Themes & Templates

There's a theme for every need. Check out the Theme Library and select from 26 stylish and fully

customizable themes. Modify the theme, apply different templates to customize each page, or modify,

add, and delete templates. You can change anything and everything about the theme and templates, or

leave them as is, the choice is your's! You can even browse through dozens more free downloadable

themes and templates at ShutterBug LandLearn more

Easy to Use Design Tools

ShutterBug's Layout window empowers you and equips you with the tools you need to create your own

design, quickly and easily - a feature that alternative products can't tout. If you know how to use a

mouse, then you'll have no problem creating a unique look and feel for your web site. Why not have

some fun with the WYSIWYG design tools to bring your vision to life. Or start with a theme, be inspired

and modify it to your liking. The sky is the limit with ShutterBug's easy to use layout tools that invite,

rather than intimidate. No HTML or CSS knowledge needed, and absolutely zero graphic design skills are

required. Leverage everything ShutterBug has to offer and experience the fulfillment of saying "I did

that."  Learn more

Photos & Slideshows

ShutterBug offers a wealth of options for displaying your photos, while producing high quality image

processing for the web. When it comes to sharing and presenting your photos, you shouldn't be

constrained by limitations. These are your photos and you know best how you want to display them.

You can create album displays, free style displays, photo collages, add picture frames and mattes, create

elegant slideshows, LightBox shows, use an unlimited number of caption lines, create custom sizes for

your thumbnails, create before/after slideshows, plus so much more. All of this at no loss to quality and

flexibility. Learn more

Movies, Contact Forms & More

ShutterBug doesn't stop at photos, you can easily add other media to your pages, such as QuickTime

movies, Flash movies and MP3s. And that's not all. You can add email submission and contact forms,

image rollovers, page counters, auto date and time, scrolling news tickers, and even pack your PDF or

other external document files in with your site for easy linking to and exporting with your site.

Advanced users can even add their own additional HTML to their sites if they choose. ShutterBug can

help you do so much more with your website. Learn more

Set Up An Online Store...."That Was Easy"

The shopping cart integration allows you to easily add a PayPal™ Shopping Cart to your ShutterBug site

without having to endure any technical frustration and no need for any technical knowledge to

accomplish it. This feature makes it pain-free to integrate PayPal with your ShutterBug site to set up a

store, and customize the look and functionality of your store pages to suit your needs. You can add Buy

Now or Add to Cart buttons to each product image on the page, customize the functionality and

appearance, choose the data you would like to display with each product, plus more. Advanced users

can even add custom code to integrate a different third-party cart into their ShutterBug site.

Learn more

One Click Publishing to the Web

No constraints here either. The one click Send button lets you update your site on the fly, letting you

make incremental changes while ShutterBug calculates and keeps track of the changes for you. You can

even password protect specified pages if you like. Quickly send your site to any FTP or SFTP host or

export to a folder on your computer. It's simple, robust, and fast!  Learn more

And that's not all...

Integrates With Your Other Web Sites

Already have a website but tired of the maintenance and limitations involved with your current tool?

Let ShutterBug take this task over for you. Build your ShutterBug site and seamlessly integrate it with

your other website(s). Create your text and photo gallery pages with ShutterBug and integrate them

with an existing blog or discussion board. Easily create a matching look in ShutterBug's layout window

and then link to your existing site from within your ShutterBug navigation menu - it really is that easy!

Cross Platform Browser Compatibility

Remove the hassle and worry of your site not rendering properly in all modern browsers on multiple

platforms, including support for iPhone/iPod Touch browsers - ShutterBug eliminates this worry so you

can focus on what really matters. What you see in ShutterBug's preview window is what you'll see on

the web. There's no second guessing and it will save you time from having to test in multiple browsers.

Spend more time presenting your photos and content, and let ShutterBug worry about the heavy lifting

and technical know-how!

Feature-Rich Without the Bloat

ShutterBug gives you easy and powerful website creation that puts you in the driver's seat without

making you "work around" or dig for alternative solutions. Professional and stylish themes, flexible

editing tools, one-click publishing to your host...you can even create your very own design using drag

and drop, and the tabbed controls in the layout window. There is no need to spend extra money on add-

on's and plug-in's. ShutterBug puts it all there at your fingertips for one low price of $39.95. But don't

let the price or small download size fool you. ShutterBug packs a powerful punch!

Leverages Other Modern Web Technologies

The PayPal Shopping Cart integration makes it fast and easy to add an online store to your ShutterBug

site. ShutterBug is compatible with iMedia Browser which makes it easy to browse all of the media files

on your computer from one spot, and import selected items into ShutterBug. You can also add LightBox

slideshows for your photos, QuickTime files, and Flash files to your pages, as well as upload other

external file types (i.e. PDF) with your site. The flexibility and options just keep getting better!

Remove the constraints and try ShutterBug today.

Click here to try the free demo.

What's New in V3.0 (Lion support):

•  All new core code that takes advantage of the features in OS X 10.6 and later

•  Requires Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or later (V2.5.6 is still available for 10.4 and 10.5 users)

•  Auto Save project files

•  New Preview mode using built-in Safari browser

•  Sparkle Updater for easy updating

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