You've edited your image, set up your locations, now all that's left is to click that Send button. After you hit Send, a progress bar and cancel button will pop out the top of ImageWell and your image is off to cyberspace! Don't want to send your image to the web? You don't have to - you can send to a folder or just drag and drop it to another location on your computer and it'll be saved there.


Send to Multiple Locations

By using the pop up list beside the Send button, you can send your image to one or more locations. Click the pop up list and choose the location where you want to send your image. Then click the Send button to fire it off to the web. Want to send the same image to a few different locations? No problem - simply select a different location from the location list and hit Send.


Copying the URL to the Clipboard

Click on the More tab to reveal the URL Copy option. The popup list lets you select 1 of 5 URL copying styles:


    •  none

    •  url only

    •  [img] tag

    •  [image] tag

    •  html <img>


Using this feature, every time an image is sent, the URL of the image, surrounded by optional tags, is automatically copied to the clipboard. This is very handy for pasting images into discussion boards, email messages, or blog pages.


History of Images Sent

ImageWell's History window keeps track of the URLs of the last 25 images that you sent. To view the History window, click on the Locations button and then select the History Tab.


You can copy and paste multiple URLs by selecting them from the text box and then pressing Command-C or selecting Edit->Copy from the ImageWell main menu.


The popup list button lets you add formating tags around the URL.


Sending Files Other Than Images

As a convenience, ImageWell can send any kind of file to one of your locations. It is not limited to just sending images. To send a file to one of your locations, first select the location and then drag and drop the file on top of the Send button. Presto, your file will be uploaded instantly.



Now that we have taken a peek at the URL copy to clipboard option, let's take a closer look at 'More' of the other tools available - Click here


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