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Powerful Punch with a Small Footprint

ImageWell's Feature Set is a Lean Powerhouse of True Utility

Available in 15 different language localizations and backed by world class customer support, ImageWell

offers a ton of useful features than first meets the eye. ImageWell packs a big bang for the buck,

removing the need to open a large heavy-weight application for all the simple, everyday things you

want to do.

Editing Features

•  Resize, Rotate, Crop and Flip

•  Batch resize, batch watermark, batch upload

•  Drop Shadows with opacity and color controls

•  Add Textual or Graphical Watermarks to your image

•  Left, Right, Top, Bottom, & Diagonal Label Positions for Watermarks and font

controls for text watermarks

•  Brightness, contrast, saturation, & sharpness controls

•  Frame your image with a shape & add borders with color and width adjustments

•  Add talking balloons, thought clouds or text labels

•  Annotate your image with arrows, circles, squares or text, and a variety of line

styles to select from

•  Add other draw objects such as octagons, rounded squares, ovals, and more

•  Drag & drop multiple images and screen grabs to the canvas for collages &  image


•  Templates for saving edit attributes and apply to other images or batch apply to

multiple images in one shot

•  Layering and Transparency controls for images and draw objects

•  Web Preview and Quality/Size adjustment tool before uploading to the web

•  Screen Grab feature grabs full screen, a selection on your screen, or window grab

and automatically imports it into the well for instant editing and sending

•  Save favorite draw objects with their edit attributes to your Favorites list.

•  Gradient patterns for draw objects & backgrounds.

•  Built in font control panel lets you quickly change the font type, size, color and

add a drop shadow to your text

•  Automatic and Custom canvas sizing

•  Ruler Guides

•  PNG, JPG, TIFF support

•  User specific options and much more

Importing Features

•  Drag and drop an image into the well

•  Drag and drop a folder of pictures for batch processing

•  Copy and paste an image into the well

•  Drag and drop an image from another application such as

iPhoto, a presentation, a word document, or from a web page

•  Take screen grabs and they will automatically appear in the

image well for instant editing and exporting

•  Open image from the Main Menu or Open Recent from a list

of your 15 most recent files.

•  Import images directly from your digital camera

•  Preserve EXIF information in images (option to turn on/off Removal of EXIF info)

Exporting Features

•  One click to send image or file to your iDisk, FTP, SFTP or WebDAV server

•  Send to a Flickr, SmugMug, or ImageShack account

•  Drag and drop any file type onto the Send button to upload

•  Batch export a folder of edited images

•  Drag and drop the image to your computer to save it or save from main menu

•  Automatically creates URL or HTML tags of uploaded images for easy pasting into

a discussion board post, blogs, email messages, or other HTML documents

•  Multiple server locations can be added, deleted and stored to your locations list

•  URL History (including URL type) for pasting multiple images/links all at once

•  Check for Overwrite on Server

•  Random Filename Generator

Language Support

ImageWell is localized in 15 different languages:

English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese (partial), Polish, Portuguese, Russian,

Spanish, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

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