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Looking for a better front end to Spotlight?

Need a search tool that performs quickly and reliably?

Look No More - Try DataLore! DataLore is Lean, Powerful, and Lightning Fast!

DataLore is the Power user's front end tool to Spotlight, that gives users our innovative Search-As-

You-Type technology allowing you to search and find files on your own computer or other Macs on

your network, at lightning fast speeds. Search filenames, filetypes, contents of files, date ranges, and

more. And don’t just stop there - DataLore lets you explore, discover, and learn more about your search

results and the files within. And the logical, uncluttered interface doesn't slow you down with a flood of

unnecessary buttons and drop down menus.

*** View our short, but helpful screencast tutorials of DataLore in action. These screencasts

will give you a quick rundown of the basic features as our developer performs an actual search, locally

and on the network. ***

Searching is live and dynamic. DataLore will start working right away while you're typing to

locate files. There are no start or stop buttons to press - just type and search!

Here are just some of DataLore's unique features and innovative tools:

• Innovative "Search-As you-Type" Technology for finding your files fast

• Text entry with Shorthand and Special Characters for more complex, highly defined searches

• Unique More "Lore" sidebar gives you more information on your files and related searches

• Search your own Mac, other Macs on your network, and multiple external drives, all at the same time

• Control which users can access which portions of your computer (or not at all)

• Search filenames, file types, contents of files, date range and more

• Filter searches by file type and file kind to narrow down the search results

• Multitude of filters to further narrow down your results, such as: documents, images, downloaded

files, source code, folders, music/audio files plus many more

• Search your entire computer or select to search only a specific folder(s) and include/exclude file types

• Handy Date Range control lets you select a preset date range or manually enter your own date range

• Search results list offers a host of options to help you view and manage your files

• Intelligent keyboard shortcuts for finding and exploring files even faster

• Quick Look support for quickly viewing your files

• Clean and powerful user interface

• Lean code means it uses very little memory and less energy, even when performing complex power

searches or network searches

• Screencast tutorials and built-in help guide

• Plus so much more

Innovative "Search-As-You-Type" Technology

Search as fast as you can type! Perform simple and complex searches all via a text entry box. Simply

start typing in the Search Text Box and DataLore will start searching right away. No need to press start

or stop or click on multiple drop down menus. DataLore will start searching with you, will stop with you,

and will change with you, responding immediately to your every move. This unique text entry method

for performing quick searches, from simple to complex, works with you while you type, without any

interruption. When you want to change or adjust your search criteria, simply change the text and

DataLore will follow your lead, moving with you full steam ahead. DataLore will produce the results

faster than you can say, "Go DataLore!"

Powerful Text Shorthand & Special Characters

The simple search text box can perform powerful searches using a type of  "shorthand" that makes it

easy to do simple or complex searches, with special characters to define the search. Perform simple

searches with words separated by spaces or perform more complex search patterns using Boolean and

Wildcard queries, date ranges, file types, and much more. Combine special search characters to produce

more refined results and really hone in on the file you are looking for. The text shorthand options make

both simple to highly-defined, more complex search queries, fast and easy!

Search Only Specific Folders and Filter by File Types & File Kind

If you have a rough idea of where your file is, or where it definitely is not located, and you know what

file type you are looking for, you can select to search for a specific file type and to search for it in

selected folders. You can further narrow down your search by excluding specific file types from the

search results, and by specifying which kind of file(s) to display in the search results, and which kinds to

not display. And it’s just that simple and fast!

Get More Information on Your Files From the "More Lore" Sidebar

Let the More Lore Sidebar guide you with quick helpful tips and help you discover more about the files

you are looking for. View related files that were created, modified, or opened on the same day as your

selected file, or compare two files with each other to learn if they are identical or different. View a

histogram of your search results list or view related searches displaying information such as similar file

types and dates, other files by the same author, plus much more. Discover files you may not have even

realized you still had…With DataLore you can do so much more with your files, that goes beyond just

finding them.

Search External Drives and Networked Macs...All At the Same Time

Search locally on your own Mac, search other Macs on your network, or search multiple external hard

drives, quickly and easily. You can even search multiple locations all at the same time if you wish. You

can search an entire computer or search only specific selected folder(s), and drag and drop files from the

results list to copy them from the remote computer over to your own computer. Easily add and remove

shared folders from other networked Macs and quickly turn off remote access from the handy menu bar

icon. The built-in sharing tool makes it easy to connect to other Macs running DataLore, without the

need for passwords or mounting a networked drive. Searching other Macs and drives is just as fast and

easy as searching your own Mac!

Learn More About DataLore's rich feature set and powerful capabilities.

View the Screencast Demo of DataLore in Action

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