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Particle Photon

  I’ve been playing around with various micro controllers for quite awhile. Building little electronic projects and it’s been very enjoyable.  I came across this relatively new micro controller from called the Photon.  Particle was previously known as Spark … Continue reading

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Internet of Things Wallpaper

Click here for original news article Andrew Fenton invents Internet of Things Wallpaper.  While not a totally original idea, these types of displays have been around for a long time, it shows some creativity and how an ordinary wall can … Continue reading

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If this then that

The Jacquard loom, invented in 1801, used a chain of punched cards to weave complex fabric pattern.  Based on a simple principle of holes in cards to determine which color thread would be used it represents the simple concept of … Continue reading

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The light bulb

Invented over 200 years ago by Humphry Davy, the first electric light was not even a bulb.  He connected a battery to a carbon wire and made the wire glow, producing light.  Called the arc light, it ushered in a … Continue reading

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New direction, new ideas

XtraLean was started as a Mac software publishing company in 2002.  Now as we wind down the original business, a new direction and ideas are taking its place.   XtraLean will explore the Internet of Things in this new blog. Here … Continue reading

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